Movers Near Me company offers assistance in preparation for the moving to individuals and corporate Customers. A team of professional movers provides packing services and guarantees their safety during transportation. We are waiting for your calls and accept applications via the Internet. Write to by e-mail: your request will be processed and in the near future, our staff member will contact you.

     Our Experts have extensive experience in the organization of all types of movings and are ready to provide professional packing services: to properly pack household items, household appliances and office equipment, and any kind of equipment. We are also engaged in the transportation of valuable and fragile items, as well as bulky and heavy cargo. Contacting Movers Near Me is the best solution to all the problems associated with a change of residence or business in Los Angeles and beyond.

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Arranging Packing of things for relocation

   Our company provides a full range of packing and moving services and prepares the Customer’s property for transportation. Specialists of the company organize the packaging process as follows:

  • At your request, our staff member comes to the place to perform an assessment of the work amount performed and the need for materials.
  • At a convenient, for you time our movers team arrives with everything you need after clarifying all the nuances and agreeing on the conditions of cooperation.
  • Our staff immediately start packing the things, machinery, and equipment in compliance with safety precautions.

   When conducting preparatory work, specialists strictly adhere to the following order:

  • Rooms, purposes, and compatibility sort items.
  • Small items are placed in cardboard or plastic boxes; large ones are wrapped in a special film and glued with tape.
  • Each box is marked with inscriptions and signs understandable to movers and Customers.

     The marking is done in order to ensure the safe transportation of packaged things and facilitate their distribution throughout the premises in a new place. We will offer the best conditions if you are looking for packing services near me. An integrated approach saves time and labor, which means it, can reduce Customer costs.

our rates

Cost per item

small box


medium box


large box


roll of wrapping paper


roll of bubble wrap


Packing kits

all-inclusive 1br packing kit


all-inclusive 2-3br packing kit


all-inclusive 4-5br packing kit


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   We have carefully debugged the packaging process at the stage of preparation for the moving. Our Experts deal with the property of the Customer with great care and responsibility. Cooperation with Movers Near Me guarantees you the complete safety of things and a host of other advantages:

  • Low packing services cost
  • Individual approach to each Customer.
  • Full provision of the moving process with the necessary packaging materials.

    Our company has a license to provide this type of activity, and our responsibility to Customers is insured. We provide packing and unpacking services in a new place on exceptionally favorable conditions. Our Experts are happy to answer all your questions by phone or in the office.